Herbal Henna Powder w/ Amla, Shikakai & Bhringraj

Size: 3 oz
Sale price$4.99


This natural herbal Henna is a blend of natural henna powder with Amla, Shikakai & bhrigraj powder used in treatment for hair loss/ fall, fix damaged hair,and gives well -conditioned super-shiny reddish highlighted hair.

Henna a natural coloring agent. Bhringraj is a hair tonic, improves hair growth. Amla helps strengthening hair & retard premature greying. Shikakai acts as a natural conditioner.

Suggested recipe to make Henna paste & use it:

Gradually add water to the herbal henna powder (approximately 3/4cups of water to 4tbsp henna powder), mix until a thick consistency. Apply the paste to the hair, cover hair with a shower cap, leave it for at least 60-90 min., for more reddish highlight may leave on for 3 hours or more. Rinse or wash out the paste from the hair.

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