White Peppercorn, Penja (Cameroon), X-Fancy (Bold)

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1 oz,6 oz,16 lb

White Peppercorn

X-Fancy (Bold)

(Piper nigrum)

Ex-Fancy Penja White Peppercorns are large black peppercorns, grows in the fertile volcanic soil of the Penja Valley of Cameroon in central Africa, with the outer skin layer removed.

Intensity: Hot & Pungent (6/10)

Flavor & Taste: Super delicate flavor, musky, delicious, spicy warm with sweet aroma and a rich taste.

Uses: Best for delicately textured meat, mild flavored fish, strong tasting foods such as crab or clam dishes, or to season steaks and roasts before cooking.

Peppercorns stimulate the taste buds, aids proper digestion, and is also used to preserve food.

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