Sushi Nori, Toasted Sea Vegetable - 7 sheets

Size: 0.6 oz
Sale price$10.99


Edens finest grade nori(Porphyra tenera)is a red to deep purple algae, the tastiest of all sea vegetables. Known as 'tenera' in Japan,considered to be the most delicious of all nori species.

Fully developed nori fronds or leaves are hand harvested at low tide, washed, chopped and placed in mixers before pressing it into flat, paper thin sheets between woven reed mats. After naturally sun drying, the sheets are cut and lightly toasted before packaging.

Edens Sushi Nori is ready to use for making sushi and nori rolls. Ithas a complex sweet, delicate aroma and flavor not found in other grades of nori.Differences you can see and taste in its deep color, brilliant luster, and appealing sweet, mild flavor.

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