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Cookwares, Kitchen Tools & Accessories
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Brass Hand Mill

Made in Turkey..

Bagharia / Tadka Pan, Hard Anodised

Useful For Tadka / Baghar, For Dal & Vegetable..

Chakla ,Wooden

Round / Flat Wooden Board/ Platform to Make Indian Breads..

Chakla, Wodden, Deluxe

Round / Flat Wooden Board/Platform to Make Indian Breads...

Chalni (Sifter), Interchangeable Sieve

A Stainless Steel Sieve For Cleaning and Shifting Rice, Grains, Dal & Flours..

Cheese Cloth

Extra Fine..


100% Cotton, Lint Free..

Cheesecloth, Unbleached

100% Lint Free Unbleached Cotton...

Coconut Scrapper, S/S,Vacuum Base

Stainless Steel With Vacuum Seat..

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