Other Salts (Including Curing Salt, Bath Salt etc)

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57% Less Sodium Natural Sea Salt w/ Potassium Chloride

All natural sea salt mixture with potassium chloride, and features 57% less sodiumthan table sa..

Ajinomoto (MSG), Tasting Salt

'Aji no moto' also known as sodium glutamate or (Monosodium glutamate )MSG, is the sodium salt of g..

Black Salt ( Kala Namak), Powder

Also known as 'Bit Laban', 'Sanchal' and obtained from mines in Northern India and Pakistan in Hima..

Black Salt (Kala Namak), Rocks

ALSO KNOWN AS ‘KALA NAMAK’,  ‘BIIT LABAN’, SANCHAL.This whole indian black rock salt is brownis..

Citric Acid/ Lemon Salt / Sour Salt

Citri8c acid is a natural acid in citrus fruits.It gives lime/ lemon fruit like characterstic sour ..

Dead Sea Bath Salt-Coarse

100% PURE & NATURAL BATH SALTDead Sea Salts are harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Isr..

Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamp

The salt tea lights are traditionally considered to emit negative ions, which help improve the felli..

Iodized Sea Salt

Iodine, a necessary nutrient is added to a Sea Salt, to provide all the benefits of Iodine with a h..

Kosher Salt

Multi-faced crystals with incomparable texture and flavor. ..

Kosher Salt, Coarse

Adds a quick & easy gourmet touch. ..

Pink Curing Salt,Sodium Nitrite (Prague Powder#1 / Insta Cure#1)

Tinted Curing Mix (TMC). Sodium Nitrite serves to inhibit the growth of bacteria, effort to prevent..

Pink Curing Salt,Sodium Nitrate (Prague Powder#2, Chile/ Peru Salt Peter Salt)

Tinted Curing Mix (TMC). Sodium Nitrate serves to inhibit the growth of bacteria, effort to prevent..

Salt Peter Salt, Food grade Potassuim Nitrate

In the process of food preservation, Potassium Nitrate has been a common ingredient of salted meat ..

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