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Cassava Crackers (Krupuk Singkong)

MAXI CASSAVA CHIPS are made from fresh cassava (the root of a tropical plant) taken directly from t..

Kerupuk (krupuk) Ikan (Fish Crackers)

Fish cracker (krupuk ikan) is particularly popular in Southern Sumatran city of Palembang and also ..

Krupuk Udang, Sidoarjo asli ( Shrimp Cracker), Mini Pallets

Comodo Shrimp crackers (Kerupuk) taste great by themselves or with your favorite chip dip. ..

Pita Chips, Whole Wheat

Dipping for Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Fattoush & Salad...

Prawn Flavored Chips (Colored)

Prawn crackers are also known as shrimp chips. These light and crunchy crackers simpy need to be fr..

Shrimp Chips, Vietnamese (Banh Phong Tom)

Shrimp chips are in uncooked form. They are tasty crackers that puff up when deep-fried. Its textur..

Krupuk Udang (Shrimp Crackers), Small

Ingredients: Tapioca, Shrimp (Udang), Eggs, Sugar, Salt, FD&C,Yellow#6. Product of Indonesia ..

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