Beans & Peas, Bean & Pea flour

Beans & Peas, Bean & Pea flour
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Jacob's Cattle Gold Beans

Jacob's Cattle Gold Beans, a cross between the Jacob's Cattle Bean and the Paint Bean, have a mottle..

Pebble Beans

Pebble Beans are like a naturally occurring bean blend, with a single plant producing a wide variety..

Rice Beans, Black, Dry

Named for their unique shape and small size, rice beans are a versatile, quick-cooking legume with a..

Snow Cap Beans, Dry

The heirloom Snow Cap Bean gets its name from the ivory-colored "cap of snow" that covers about half..

Tiger Eye Beans

Tiger Eye Beans, also known as "pepa de zapallo,"resemble the coloring of a tiger's eye. Are conside..

Adzuki Beans, Dry

Also called Azuki or Aduki bean, the second most popular legume in Japan, often known as ‘Red orien..

Amethyst Beans, Dry

The amethyst Bean is a Beautiful oval shape jewel-purple pebble of a bean and has a creamy texture ..

Anasazi Beans, Dry

Anasazi Beans, also called "New Mexico Cave Beans," are a small heirloom-variety legume related to t..

Appaloosa Beans, Dy

Appaloosa Beans are a hybrid springing from Pinto Beans, cultivated near the Palouse River in the a..

Baby Butter (Lima) Beans, Dry

Baby Butter Lima Beans are a dwarf variety of lima bean, about 1/2 inch long, with a thin, yellowish..

Beans, Lentils & Pea Blend, Dry

Our Beans, Lentils & Pea Blend is a colorful combination of beans, Lentils and split peas, that..

Bhatmas (Brown Soy Bean), Nepalese

Bhatmas is Nepalese for soya beans, grows in Darjeeling, traditionally used to prepare various ferme..

Black Bean Flour

Black bean flour is stone ground from rich, hearty, high fiber black beans. High in dietary fiber a..

Black Bean, Fermented, Dry

Also known as fermented black soybeans, Chinese fermented black beans ((Chinese Douchi). These Ferm..

Black Calypso (Dalmation) Beans, Dry

The Calypso Bean is a dramatic and beautiful bean. This rare heirloom bean has survived many hardsh..

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