Dal & Lentils, Dal & Lenti Flour

Dal & Lentils, Dal & Lenti Flour
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Dalia Split

Roasted Chana Split. Product of India ..

Dhalia Whole

Product of India ..

Autumn Lentil Mix

Autumn Lentil Blend is a seasonal colorful blend of lentils including French lentil (verde de puy),..

Black Beluga Lentil

This Tiny, shiny black & most prizes smallest lentil of the lentil family, indigenous to Syria ..

Castelluccio Lentils ( Umbrian Lentil)

Castelluccio Lentils are the most famous and are the best in Italy. Grown in the high plains of Cas..

Chana Dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Organic

Hulled & Split  Black Gram( Kala Chana), also known as Yellow Lentis, were brought to India..

Chana Dal/ Split Bengal Gram Dal

Hulled & Split Black Gram( Kala Chana), Also Known As Yellow Lentils. Brought To India By Greek..

Delight Blend w/ Lentil, Dal & Peas

Delight Blend with lentil, dal and split green peas makes a hearty soup to provide no-fat protein t..

Eston Lentil, Small (French Style) Green Lentil

Lentils, world’s oldest cultivated legume, are the seeds of a small shrub and a classic small green..

French Lentil, Lentilles Verte De Puy

These small dark-green lentils is one of the best lentils in the world, also known as ‘Puy lentils’..

Green Lentil (Large), Laired Lentils

Large green lentils with a seed coat - green skin and yellow cotyledon, are known as ‘Laired Lentil..

Healthy Lentil soup Mix ,Top Grade Blend

A delicious 'Healthy Lentil soup Mix',with a blend of masoor and moong dal, is reminiscent of typic..

Horse Gram (Kulith)

Horse Gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum), Locally known as kulath /Kulith, is one of the lesser known bea..

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