Black Peppercorn, Tellicherry, India

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  • Country of Origin: India

Tellicherry Indian Black Peppercorn 
(Piper Nigrum) 
Tellicherry Peppercorn, the best known peppercorn, grown on the Malabar Coast, southwest of India. Ths finest peppercorn is the largest berries that grow in the same vine Malabar Peppercorn (the smaller berries) grows

As they get bigger they develop slight sweetness and exotic fruitier taste, balances out deeper warmth and pungency with complex aroma

Perfect for any dish. Its distinctive rich flavor enhances any dish without overpowering. Works well with meats, soups, salads, baked and fried foods

Peppercorns are rich source of minerals, vitamin and fiber. Peppercorns stimulates the taste buds, aids proper digestion, and is also used to preserve food. 

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