Bird's Eye Chili, African Dried Chili Whole

Size: 1 oz
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1 oz,3 oz
African Bird's Eye Chili, grows all around Africa (They grow wild or semi-wild ), also known as African Devil, Congo chili, Mombassa chili, Uganda chili and Zanzibar chili. Similar chilies that grow in is know as Malagueta. Birdseye is actually a close relative of the fiery hot tabasco chile.The short, narrow chilies ripen to a spicy red that sit proud on the plant.

Bird's eye chilies are quite hot (piquant). It measures around 100,000225,000Scoville units and Heat Level 8 out of 1-10. Bird's eye Chiles have a clean flavor but lack the complexity of some of the more popular chiles. With undertones of dry hay they have a nice bite

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