Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus)

Size: 16 oz
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Irish moss (red seamoss), nature’s best food for thyroid support, grows on rocks close to the shore, and has been used for centuries as a healing sea vegetable.

Benefits: Irish moss is nature's only plant based source of thyroid hormones. It also helps to increase energy, burn fat, manage cholesterol build up & accelerate weight-loss. Irish moss relieves digestive problems including indigestion, ulcers & stomach issues.*

How to prep Irish moss ( suggested): Soak 1/2oz moss for a few hours in water. Rinse under clean water to remove saline. Boil in 1 1/2 pints of water/milk. Boil down to 1 pint. Add lemon juice for flavor if desired.Take in 2 parts daily.

Disclaimer: *These statements and uses are not evaluated by the FDA &the product is not intended to diagnose, teat, cure or prevent any disease.

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