Tepary Beans, Black

Size: 1 lb
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Black Tepary beans are a rare, heirloom Tepary seed crops, has a high soluble and insoluble fiber content and highly nutritious. This firm textured, hearty, meaty and rich flavored bean works well in many recipes, in dips, spreads and re fried beans, in soups, stews and casseroles.

Basic preparation: Wash, rise & soak overnight. Add 5-6 Cups of water / Cup of Bean, bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered for 2-4 hours or until tender (add more water as needed). Whisk lightly, remove the floating foam. Flavor with butter or oil, salt to taste and any seasoning if desired. Cook uncovered over low heat until desired consistency.

Yield: 3 cups of cooked beans / Cup of dry beans

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I’d tried the brown variety and wanted to try the black. Pre-soaked and cooked with shallot, oregano, bee balm and ramp butter

Absolutely delicious and satisfying. They leeched their color into the liquid and have a rich, meaty flavor. Didn’t plump up a whole lot, but the chew texture was satisfying. Will definitely buy more!

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