Aritha / Soap Nut (Sapindus Triffoliatus), Powder

Size: 2 oz
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Aritha (Soapnut) ‘the mother of all soap’, is the Fruit of the soapnut tree, acts as natural foaming agents and gentle cleanser when it comes in contact with water.*

 Uses: Soapnut powder in washing m/c: add 2-3 teaspoons of powder into the washbag & place inside the washing machine with your clothes. Suitable for both front & top loading machines.

Soapnut powder for hair wash:  Use 1 teaspoon (for short hair) and 2 teaspoons (for long hair) of Soapnut powder (may add Shikakai powder), mix with a little water into a paste, rub gently into your scalp and hair roots, then rinse your hair. It cleans your hair and helps to prevent dandruff and white flakes.

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