Blue Fenugreek Seed (Utskho Suneli), Georgian, Powder

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Andrew Biddle
Not Kalustyan Complaint: Product Only!

This product is labeled as leaf powder on package but specifies in ingredients as seed powder. There are many variables such as drying or what of the plant that is ground plus possible bulk contaminants that affect the product and people have their own preferences also. But, I have had great blue fenugreek from Bulgaria and Georgia before but also some bad bulk versions that are not even pure. If you like it fine but I threw it out as garbage. It is not blue fenugreek herb as I know and love. Not in smell or flavor but also appearance. It looks to me like sawdust and general lawn clippings that might have some clover or fenugreek in it. I had concerns about what was truly in it. Kalustyan's service was prompt and I have no complaints about the transaction. I just will seek a different sminduh aromatic herb product and do not recommend this house brand product.

Craig Bradshaw

Blue Fenugreek Leaf (Utskho Suneli), Powder

Marina Davydov
blue fenugreek (aka Utskho Suneli)

Glad that Kalustyan's carry all spices I need. Blue fenugreek leaf powder is one of them. The flavor is nutty and fragrant. Very fresh. I like to make Georgian dishes. Blue fenugreek is a staple in Georgian kitchen. I placed order to get all delivered and sure, I got all delivered quickly, carefully packed. Thank You!!

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