Hawaiian Pink Diamond Sea Salt Coarse

Size: 3 oz
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3 oz,16 oz

Pink Diamond Sea Salt

Coarse Grain

Freshly Harvested sea salt from the pristine waters of the island of Molokai, blended with Hawaiian ‘Red Alaea’, a legendary medicinal clay with a twist—a lighter touch, yields a delicate flavor bouquet, and a unique pink color in appearance.

Perfect for all types of Asia-influenced cuisine, such as stir-fry and soups, or on any seafood, chicken, or beef dishes, or sprinkled on your salads or vegetable dishes.

Coarse grain Pink Diamond salt is best suited for refilling salt grinders and mills.

Ingredients: (GMO free)

Ultra-Premium All-Natural Hawaiian Sea Salt, Premium baked Hawaiian Red Alaea clay (no artificial flavors or colors).

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