Korarima Grain (Ethiopian Cardamom)

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Korarima Grain

(Aframomum corrorima)

Korarima grains are black seeds within the Korarima pods, a perennial and aromatic herb native in southwestern Ethiopia, known as ‘Ethiopian cardamom or False cardamom’.

Intensity: Mild & Sweet

Flavor & Taste: Fruity and balsamic aroma, somewhat floral aroma with & strong camphor presence, tangy sweet taste, & roasted herb, less peppery than grains of paradise.

Uses: Korarima grains are used whole or ground, in many Ethiopian spice blends, in stews, pair with bold flavored foods, in stews, meat dishes, in Ethiopian coffee and desserts.

The seeds are used In Ethiopian herbal medicine as a tonic, carminative, and laxative.

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