Lemon Omani (Dried Limes), Brown

Size: 3 oz
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Lemon Omani's are not lemons, they are limes, also goes by the name 'Limu Omani'. Typically, (Fresh) Omani limes are boiled in salt water & dried in the sun until it sun-tanned. The color varied from pale tan (White) to dark brown or darkened (Dark Black). Their flavor is tart, with an indescribable muskiness & without any sweetness. These dried limes are fantastic as a souring agent in place of lemon juice in a sauce. Pale tan (White) to light-tan (Brown) ones are generally best, however some of the very dark black limes have a greater pungency and depth of flavor.

Uses: When adding whole dried limes to a dish make a few holes with a skewer or a fork to allow the cooking juices to infuse with the tasty inside. Use them in stews & soups or can be crushed or even powdered before adding to a recipe.

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