Masoor Dal Gota (UnSplit-Skinless Malka Masoor Dal), Indian

Size: 1 lb
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This Un-split Red / Pink Masoor Lentil without the brown skin, also called ‘Football Masoor Dal’. When cooked won’t stay whole, but has same nutritional breakdown, flavor & creamy texture.

It make a good salad dish and also other dish such as a curry, stews or soup.

When cooked, masoor dal turns to soft golden color and a distinctive earthy flavor.

Basic Cooking Instruction: Carefully sort, wash and rinse. Add 5cups of water/ cup of dal, bring to boil. Lower the heat, simmer 20-30min. or until tender & soft (add more water as needed). Whisk lightly, remove the floating foam. Flavor with butter or oil, salt to taste and dal masala seasoning if desired. Cook uncovered over low heat until desired consistency.

Serve warm with steamed basmati rice, flat bread and choice of any veggie.

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