Olive Tapenade Seasoning Mix

Size: 2 oz
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Seasoning Mix

This tasty seasoning mix is used to make ‘Olive Tapenade spread’ that is used as a sandwich spread, or in pasta sauce, or as a dip or adding tone to the toast topping, or mixed in with your omelets, or combine with olive oil to make a delicious salad dressing.


Parsley, Basil, Sugar, Garlic, Pepper Flakes, Oregano, Thyme, Salt, Black Pepper.

To Make ‘Olive Tapenade Spread’

In a blender put 3tsp ‘Tapenade seasoning mix’ with 2 cups of pitted black and green olives, 1/4cup olive oil and 1tbsp lemon juice, Pulse few times until the olives are ½-1/4” in size (not to make smooth paste).

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