Pistachio, Raw/ Green/ Shelled, California

Size: 1 lb
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Sandra Scott

Pistachio, Shelled, Raw, California

Gail Triner

The quality of Kalustyan products makes it worthwhile to order from them, if you can’t get into the store - which is even better. Also, quick arrival time. The packaging is a little funky - but not a big deal

Chris Damico

Since my only alternative source would have been some supermarket chain outlet or distant, out of state source, I figured Kalustyan's would be my best bet. I've been a customer on & off for years & have never been let down & since I've been preparing food at home much more lately, for obvious reasons, here we are. I've kept my rating at mid range, because as stated the alternatives were never in contention. I have a home vacuum sealer that helps maintain freshness...to a point, so buying in semi-bulk is viable. My only complaint is I'm only just over 1 Mile away the $17 S&H is 12% of my $137 order. CD, NYC

Cesar Palma
Poor customer service

I have been shopping at your store for the last 30 years and I am always taken aback by the obliviousness to customer service. This now translates to online transactions. I called a few minutes after I placed an order because I forgot to add one item. I was told that my order was already in process, and if I wanted to purchase that item, which was $5.99 they could not do it because Kalustyans has a $10.00 dollar minimum on credit cards. I had just spent over $150 on my online order placed as I mentioned three minutes before I called. So the only way I could add an item was to up the order to $10.00 and then still pay for additional shipping. No effort to accommodate a loyal customer. None. And I am done with shopping there, in person or online.

Ann DuBois
Pistachios, delish!

These pistachios are delicious, flexible and fun. They make a great snacks, toppings for fish mixed with olive oil, lemon zest and parsley, tasty on yogurt fruit sundaes.

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