Plantain Flour, Gluten Free

Size: 1 lb
Sale price$8.99


Raw Plantains, that have flavor & texture of banana, are sliced, dried and processed into flour, It is calorie-dense and high in carbs as well, but is low in fat.Plantains are known as a staple food, is a rich source of iron and folic acid.

Plantain flour can be used in preparation of traditional dish Fufu or porridge or in fritters or in pancake making. Can be used for baking or bread, cake, biscuits.

Recipe to make Plantain Pancakes: Mix in 2 cups plantain flour with 3 tsp baking powder,½ tsp sea salt 3 tbsp cane juice crystals, 2 eggs, 3 tbsp cooking oil and 1 cup milk. Mix thoroughly and spoon onto hot griddle for plantain pancake.

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