Rosematta (Kerala Matta) Rice

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Rosematta Rice

(Red Parboiled Rice)

Rosematta (Kerala Matta) Rice is grown in black soil of Kerala and Karnataka, India. Rice paddies are boiled in the husk, dried and milled, keeping the reddish outer layers.

It has high content of nutrients, unique flavor and natural taste. Maintains its hue and flavor through cooking.

Cooking Instruction:

  1. Rice is washed & soaked for overnight and drained.

  2. In a sauce pan add 4-5cups of water/ cup of drained rice, bring to boil, lower the heat and simmer for 30 minutes. It is then covered and left for 15–20 minutes.

  3. The rice is then salted to taste and boiled for another 15–20 minutes or until cooked tender.

  4. Drain the excess water and left covered for a further 10–15 minutes before serving.

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