Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce

Size: 5 oz
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5 oz
Ultimate Insanity offers a heat experience that is even hotter than Insanity, yet doesn’t back down in flavor. Jamming smoky Red Savina Habaneros into his original Insanity, Dave has crafted a sauce that will blow your mind and burn your taste buds. Experience your chili, wings, burgers, and pizza one drop at a time with insane heat and ultimate flavor.

Heat Level: INSANELY HOT ++
Recommended For: Ascendant Chileheads
No Preservatives • No Artificial Colors or Flavors • Low Fat/Sodium • Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

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Steven Banyai
Hot Sauce Viscosity

I have to dilute this hot sauce slightly to make it flow better (I use a tiny amount of vodka). In the absence of doing this, the sauce must be shaken out of the bottle and then the amount that comes out is way too much! I’d like to see it flowing better (less viscous) with a small plastic restriction at the opening, which would be useful for controlling the amount applied to food.

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