Wattle Seed Roasted Ground

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Wattle seed comes from Tasmanian Acacia trees. Toasted and grounded Wattle seeds gives an amazing flavor related to hazelnut, coffee, walnuts, and chocolate.

Roasted ground Wattle seed has a diverse number of uses in the kitchen, from baking to thickening of sauces and casseroles, to ice cream.

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D. Alexander
Interesting ingredient, but not worth the cost

I had heard the flavor of wattle seed described as a mix of chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut, which accurately describes the flavor. For the cost, though, the flavor is not strong enough to justify buying it. Traditionally, Aborigines use pure wattle seed to make cakes, which they call "damper." I imagine that those cakes of pure wattle seed are quite delicious, similar to dense almond patties, flavored with coffee, chocolate, and hazelnut. Because of the cost required to gather, process, roast, and export the wattle seed, it would be impractical to make damper in the U.S.

The texture of the wattle seed, once fully rehydrated, was between softened stone ground corn meal and almond meal. A blend of espresso powder, a trace of cocoa, and some hazelnut extract in an almond cake would be a close approximation of the flavor.

Still, I have been eager to try wattle seed for a few years and am grateful to Kalustyan's for providing the opportunity. If I visit Australia, I will look for wattle seed baked goods and enjoy eating them.

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