Hawaiian Pink Diamond Sea Salt, Fine


3 oz,16 oz

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Pink Diamond Sea Salt

Fine Grain

Freshly Harvested sea salt from the pristine waters of the island of Molokai, blended with Hawaiian ‘Red Alaea’, a legendary medicinal clay with a twist—a lighter touch, yields a delicate flavor bouquet, and a unique pink color in appearance.

Perfect for all types of Asia-influenced cuisine, such as stir-fry and soups, or on any seafood, chicken, or beef dishes, or sprinkled on your salads or vegetable dishes.


Used as a table salt as a stunning garnish to dishes, adds a pop of color & salinity to finish dishes.


Ingredients: (GMO free)

Ultra-Premium All-Natural Hawaiian Sea Salt, Premium baked Hawaiian Red Alaea clay (no artificial flavors or colors).

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